The Motivators

FIrst UltrasoundOn 11/08/2014 we found out that SJayTayBay was pregnant and naturally both immediately yelled “let’s start a blog!” It was a great relief to know that we both agreed on something as important as this when bringing a new life into the world.

In reality the blog idea has been something that both SJayTayBay and I have been intrigued by for a while, but we’re going to use the Baby as our excuse to get this going.  Some of my close friends have done a great job using blogs as a way to share stories with friends and family. I imagine it’s highly likely that for the first few months, or even years of this our lives, this will revolve around our kid, but our goal is to also use this as a chance to be creative on a regular basis whether via photos, writing, or sharing other interests.  We also hope that this may preserve our Instagram cred by directing more of our family-related stuff here.

SJayTayBay has some previous blogging experience as a young 20-something living the dream in Seattle, where there’s so little sun you have nothing better to do than to blog.  I’ve enjoyed browsing blogs but am not as good at setting a routine of reading blogs on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis even though there are blogs by friends, family, and professionals that I always enjoy. Here are some blogs I hope to channel in my postings:

  • – run by SJayTayBay’s brother, it’s a great site where Ben uses his superior writing skills to review movies and tv shows, which often make me re-consider my thoughts on movies because he states his arguments so eloquently.
  • – my friends Bree and Lucas created this site as a family blog where the primary focus has been the documentation of their daughter and family from the professional view of Lucas’ camera lens. All things photography that I’ve learned and try to do are thanks to Lucas’ mentorship.
  • – The funniest writer I personally know, Dave Fischer.  He makes it seem so easy and natural that I often mistakenly think I can be witty too.
  • – naturally a dodgers blog needs to be featured and there’s no better group of dodgers writers I know than these guys.

We’ll see what SJayTayBay has to say in her intro blog, but hopefully between the two of us we can keep you entertained.

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