Hello World!

I’m sjaytaybay! Welcome to our tiny place on the internet. Follow along as we take on this parenting gig, explore our corner of Los Angeles, take trips to Santa Barbara, attempt to read some good books, make some good meals, drink some noteworthy wine–or beer and whiskey if you are Butcheq (after baby’s birth, of course!), and make this studio baby friendly. Here’s my attempt to record some of the momentous as well as inconsequential things in life.

Recently, I’ve been thinking that it may be the seemingly inconsequential moments that feel most profound as time goes on: a quiet morning walk, a margarita with a friend on a hot summer day, the last line of a good book, a knowing glance, or slowly sipping a cup of coffee in the early morning light. You, see, not long ago, I turned 30, and I realized my mom was serious when she told me she looks in the mirror and wonders how she got to be her age. Getting to 30 was full of many kinds of moments, some of which I only now understand as transformative and important. So here’s to a new decade and a new blog, where each type of moment may be remembered.

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