Baby Moon

Ft Myers Beach (69 of 83)

As ridiculous as a baby moon may sound, I would highly recommend any couple that’s on the 9-month clock consider taking one. We had the lucky pleasure of having a studio condo on the beach, in Ft Myers Beach, Fl,  that my gramps have owned since the 70’s, and it was just the escape we needed. The trip served as a great opportunity to relax, enjoy Truly Scrumptious ice cream, spend time together, and sleep as much as possible in hopes we can carry some of it over for when the baby comes.

Mornings always began with coffee, on the balcony overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, and if we were lucky was followed by the best breakfast on the island, Heavenly Biscuits, for cinnamon rolls and biscuit sandwiches. Not shown below is the far superior and oft overlooked pecan roll, if you’re visiting trust me on that one.

After breakfast and each evening SJayTayBay would don her striped walking dress and LA hat and we would stroll the beach where we encountered horse shoe clams, crabs, pelicans, dolphins, and a beautiful, yet painful to step on, assortment of shells. SJayTayBay was so notable in her walking outfit that a retiree yelled out “have you had your baby yet?” One of the more exciting interactions we had with sea life was a dolphin who decided to entertain the beach-goers by swimming just 10 feet off  shore, even going in circles around those standing in the water.

Not only was our location great because of the access to the beach, but we were also lucky enough to be less than a mile away from where my uncle and aunt retired.  Their house is on an amazing lagoon where we could faintly see our condo in the far distance. We had the pleasure of going out in their boat for fishing, going on a sunset cruise, and taking the boat through the back bay for lunch. They may be retired but Uncle Bruce and Aunt Diane know how to entertain and took us to music on the beach, unforgettable meals in Naples, and hosted delicious grouper dinners in their backyard.

Another great part about being in Ft Myers Beach was that we were able to spend time with my grandma who also now resides full time in Ft Myers after spending decades as a snow bird migrating between Toledo and Ft Myers Beach.  Mimi was looking great while enjoying a sing along day at her retirement home, and she also enjoyed getting to see SJayTayBay and feel the belly with her soon-to-be first great-grand son. Over the last few years my family has been redistributing some of my grandparents’ old furniture and memorabilia, and during this trip there was a divvying up of old bibles that they had accumulated. We wound up with my Papa’s old bible while we also got to see a bible from the 30’s that my great-grandma gave to my grandma.

Since we had a lot of time on our hands, we also tried to work on SJayTayBay’s photography skills.  I taught SJayTayBay about low f-stops, and we took turns playing with shots of shells and the beach reflections in our sunglasses.  I’d better be careful though as SJayTayBay seems to be catching on more quickly than expected.

As Californians it’s easy to be spoiled when it comes to sunsets, but there’s something about being right on the beach that never makes them old, and we made sure to get a standard couple’s shot nearly every night that we could.  What’s also really exciting is that there were many different places we could view the sunsets – from our balcony, on the beach, on the lagoon, or off the pier.

Florida may have been our last hoorah, but we’re looking forward to many more spring breaks on Ft Myers Beach with our little guy in the near future.

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