People Know Us

First LA Hat (1 of 1)

We’ve received incredible support from our family, friends, co-workers, baristas, and dog washers. People have graciously sent cards, yelled woo-hoo, shared their baby rearing advice that they swear is the one and only way to raise our child, and just been a great community for us during this pregnancy. I have to tip my hat (pun wasn’t initially intended) to our good friends the Hoppers who added a key item to our kids wardrobe in the form of a baby’s first 59Fifty New Era Dodger hat. The hat came in a box that literally had nothing in it but the hat, and thus led to an awkward debate as to who it may have come from and lots of unnecessary Dodger hat conversations with friends and family until we luckily figured out it was the Hoppers.  I had never seen one of these hats so it was a fun surprise and exciting to now have a Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Baby Bear hat. I should note that my brother and sister-in-law, Ben and Megan, have often recommended we name our kid Bear (although Friendly Neighborhood is their new favorite), which would make a great baseball name, “now batting, Bear Butcher.” They also have provided sweet Dodgers onesies, so our little guy is going to be decked out for all the games. I wish I could call out everybody and the amazing gifts we’ve been showered with but for now I had to start with at least this sweet little hat. Go blue!

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