365 Days

With baby Bear Butcher nearly here, SJayTayBay and I have tried to think of fun and creative ways to document the little guy beyond just instagram posts.  Given that, we recently decided to take advantage of the sweet Fujifilm camera that SJayTayBay got me for my birthday and embark on a 365 day challenge together in which we’ll take a snap every day for his first year of life.

In 2014 I did something similar as a means to work on photography skills and make better use of my DSLR.  It was a challenge to come up with a subject everyday and to take the photos on my own but the end result (see below) made it entirely worth while.

365 Slideshow from Brandon Butcher on Vimeo.

What’s fun about this challenge is that SJayTayBay and I will be doing this together and we’ll have a more than willing subject, or at least a subject that can’t get away.  This will also be a fun way of continuing to try and get better at taking pictures without the luxury of a digital camera in which you can just snap away without a cost per photo.

If you enjoyed my 365 day challenge montage be sure to check out the one Lucas did a few years before me which was what motivated me to take on the task.

My 2011 in Photos from Luke on Vimeo.

Lastly, if you’re at all intrigued by daily challenges like this, make sure to check out Casey Neistat’s daily vlog on youtube.  It’s addicting, enjoyable, motivating, and a great little treat to throw into your morning coffee and oatmeal routine.

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