We Were Showered

First Baby Shower-8

Currently, I am at home awaiting the arrival of Baby B. I will be 39 weeks tomorrow! He doesn’t seem to want to make an early debut so with these last days, maybe weeks that I have as a non-working, kids-free adult, I’m trying to take advantage of free time, and I thought it might be fun to share some pictures from our baby showers.

The first shower, hosted by my friends Andi and Katie, and sister-in-law Bryce, had beautiful decorations and a delicious brunch, including a bagel bar with lox, onions, cucumbers, and capers. Brunch also involved frittatas, fruit salad, pound cake, banana bread, and lemon bars. We really ate well! My all-time favorite drink: Andi’s iced coffee topped it all off, and did not disappoint–I’m looking forward to being able to drink a few more of those iced coffees with a bit more reckless abandon when I am no longer pregnant!

My family shower, hosted by my aunt and cousin with help from my sister-in-law, was Lego themed and so very creative and awesome. We also ate great food including some excellent quiches. Every detail was in place from Lego-made holders for the forks and knives, to a Lego cake made by my sister-in-law, to paper-made Legos hanging as decorations. I was in awe of all the tiny details that made it come together so, so well.

One special activity I enjoyed at both of these showers was when the guests filled out cards with different questions and comments such as guessing Baby B’s arrival date, offering fun advice, and explaining what their relationships with Baby B might look like. Butcheq and I had fun looking at the cards after the showers as well.

Lastly, Butcheq’s work went out of its way to throw us a Dodger-themed baby shower. What a great idea, considering Baby B’s father can’t wait to share his love of Dodger baseball with his son! We all wore baseball hats, ate hot dogs and hamburgers, admired pictures of some of the more famous Dodgers, and played games.

Butcheq and I have felt very lucky to have so much love and support coming our way!

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