How’s It Hanging 2015

HIH 2015 (5 of 75)

For 10 straight years my friends, family, acquaintances, and LinkedIn pals have gathered in La Canada on the Friday after Thanksgiving to play a classic homemade game known as “How’s It Hanging.”  For those of you not familiar with La Canada, it’s the home of weather forecaster Dallas Raines, need I say more? I was first introduced to the game at Santa Clara University; a friend there had an uncle that (he swore) invented it.  Sadly, after not capitalizing on it, there have been a variety of cheap versions that have been mass produced under monikers such as “Ladder Golf” and “Boingo Ball.”

So back to the 10 consecutive years of the Annual How’s It Hanging Memorial Thanksgiving Tournament.  It was amazing that so many people were dedicated to the cause and continued to come out.  Then Dallas Raines (like how I tied him back in?) did the unimaginable by forecasting rain the day after Thanksgiving 2013.  I was devastated along with all those friends who feel too guilty to say no to my annual evite card (don’t worry, I’m considering Paperless Post next year). So we did what all people do in LA: We took mass transit and got ramen.

The annual streak had ended. It was a pretty impressive run, and I must admit: I never would have guessed that it would continue consecutively all those years.  We lost the consecutive streak, but as I mentioned, we’re a committed bunch of people with nothing better to do after eating too much gravy (notice I didn’t say pecan pie…you can never eat too much of that, unless your wife beats you to finishing it off, cause then you can’t have anymore of your favorite dessert, ever–totally hypothetical example). So everyone bounces back and is amped to get back to it because 2014 brought about another glorious post-Thanksgiving Friday. Awesome, right? Sadly, not so fast.This year the event’s charming, good-looking, humble host was stricken with marriage, and you know what that means? In-laws! For the first year ever, I had to be away from my own family and break bread with a bunch of people who didn’t share my last name.  Thankfully, I married up in a lot of ways, and the in-laws are a big reason why.  So, I sadly had to Pinterest (it was a weird year of embracing new social media) all my friends, explaining that I would be cancelling the tournament for a second consecutive year, but hey, at least we are back to a consecutive streak, right?

I’m digressing; I know it. 2015 is here, and so are all my amazing friends and family.  Despite the 2-year hiatus, tons of people came out to have a little friendly competition and spend time with one another in amazing weather–it doesn’t get better than that. Our little guy Jack even made it through the whole tournament and was a little angel, rotating between being held by many eager friends. Unfortunately, SJayTayBay and I weren’t repeat champions. Beau and Dan were instead, beating an impressive Krausse team, which included Andrea playing on basically one foot.

I love this day and this tournament, and I am always extremely grateful that so many people continue to come out and play this silly little game.  It probably also helps that the winners usually treat everyone to pizza and beer at Round Table.


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