7 Months


Dear Jack,

You are seven months old! You smile all the time. And you love to look at people. Even strangers can get the biggest smiles out of you. When your dad comes home from work, or one of your grandmas comes to watch you for the day, you smile so, so big and move your arms up and down in excitement. Recently, you’ve started to get upset when someone walks away from you, but if you are scooped up right away, all is right in world!

You like to play, and you like people to pay attention to you! You have a bunch of different toys, but you seem to like non-traditional toys best. A spoon and cup are some of your favorites! You get upset when something is taken away from you. And Jack, you know how to let us know you are not happy!

You eat some solids now, but nothing compares to your favorite meal: milk! Your first food was avocado a few days before you turned six months old. Since then you’ve tried sweet potato, butternut squash, green beans, peas, pear, and banana. Up until seven months you took the bottle with no complaints, but recently you’ve become much more picky—now you decide when the time is right!

You sit up on your own and love to roll over. You tear apart your foam play mat and kick, kick, kick! You put everything in your mouth, even the books dad and I read to you. Your favorite sound to make is “babababa!”

You love to look in the mirror at yourself. And your laugh is contagious! You also love to swing at the park and watch other kids play. And you are actually starting to take semi-regular naps now. However, you still wake up at least two times a night. Your dad and I can’t believe how much sleep we used to get. But you grow and change so fast that we never know when a new routine will start. We are learning to go with the flow.

We love you, Jack!

One thought on “7 Months

  1. What a wonderful photo and post. So wondrous and wonderful to watch a tiny baby evolve into a little boy. I am privileged to observe the transformation. Sending much love to Jack and his awesome parents!


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