8 Months


Dear Jack,

You are 8 months old! You started crawling right before you turned 8 months—army style! You still crawl this way, but little by little you are starting to push yourself up on your knees as you make good time getting everywhere and getting into everything. You had your first haircut last month and this, combined with your new mobility, make you look like a very big boy.

In the past week you have changed so much. You are crawling faster each day and starting to pull yourself up onto everything, wobbly and determined. You like it when we roll the ball back and forth together, and you sure know how to get what you want when something doesn’t go your way. You can be very loud and demanding. But you also have the very best laugh.

Your smiles are not given so freely anymore. You have preferences about the people you want to be with. When you don’t know someone, you do not readily enter into his/her arms like you did just last month. You are careful, and you scan the premise for someone you know. You are so aware now, and you have your posse figured out!

You are eating so many different foods now. We give you food off our plates, and I’m not as worried about every little thing you eat like I was at first. You loved the pancakes we gave you the other day at breakfast and you love, love, love cheerios. They also keep you entertained for quite some time.

Your two front teeth are in now! And the two teeth next to them have almost come through too. Hopefully, when this teething session is over you will start sleeping better. I do dream about the days when there were no interruptions at night, but you are worth it big boy! I can’t wait to see what next month will bring.



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