May Recap

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We’re back to old habits and taking an overwhelmingly large amount of photos.  I really do try to filter these down but I can’t help myself sometimes.  So instead this month I’ll try and break these down into a few sections.

  1. BATH TIME, STANDING, AND GENERAL CUTENESS.  Jack seems to be enjoying his bath time more and more. The second he’s out though he loves to dash around naked and sometimes we’ll manage to at least keep his towel on for a few minutes.  He has been really into playing ball especially his new mini soccer ball which he was given by his friend Lily.  The Fikes were by and Jack didn’t hesitate to play with his fellow sporter Drew but unfortunately once I put the camera on Jack got shy.   We were really hoping that Katie would have her little baby girl that night as she started getting contractions but alas they had to wait another full week for their cutie to come out (more to come in June).  Jack has also dominated standing up and if he’s crawling it usually is just to get to the next object for him to stand up against so he can push or throw every object off. Our monthly photos have gotten more challenging in terms of getting Jack to lie still next to the monthly number.  I threw in a couple extra shots to show how Sarah works hard to keep him happy and complying.  We’re relieved there’s only 2 more left.
  2.  SWIMMING – Sarah has been taking jack to swimming once a week which has been really fun for her but I’ve been missing out since it’s during work hours.  However, this month I got to head over on a Saturday with apparently every other Dad in town and experience it myself.  He has a lot of work to do on his back floats and crawling on the floatie but otherwise he seems to love the water.
  3. ELODIE MAE HYRES – We got really lucky and were able to spend some time with one of Sarah’s besties, Kristy and Alex Hyres, plus their 2 month old daughter Elodie.  We had a picnic with the kids at the Mission in SB and Alex did an amazing job of befriending Jack.  Jack cries often now about them living so far away in Virginia.
  4. TAYLOR BBQ –  While Grammy Taylor was out of town us kids took over their house and the new deck to enjoy some delicious Tri Tip and the fruits of Ben’s bartending class that his in-laws recently gifted him.
  5. ADVENTURES – Jack got to enjoy hiking to Knapp Castle with the Herreras plus going out to I Modonnari with them at the Mission. Sarah and I also made our first trek to the Natural History Museum where they have a special Butterfly exhibit currently. Lastly Jack and Lily went to Fabulous Friday at the SB library which is a ton of fun for little kids.


One thought on “May Recap

  1. Wow I love this post! It’s been too long since I’ve seen him so I feel like I got to catch up a bit! I love all of his many faces and expressions ❤ He seems to enjoy standing nakey by cardboard boxes in particular haha 🙂 Miss you guys, excited to see you tomorrow for dinner!


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