July Recap

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We did it, we finished the 366 (thanks leap year) polaroid challenge.  Some days it seemed challenging but to be honest it went by fast and I’m really glad we did it.  We’ve organized all the photos in order and somehow we have two days where we have two photos.  Some other fun facts were that we probably took 3 photos of Jack asleep because we’d remember at 11 at night and we also only cheated twice I think and took two photos in a day and that was only because there were two big moments in that day and none the day prior.

July was a crazy fun filled month as you’ve already seen with the two sets of birthday photos.  We also did a late breakfast celebration for Aunt Bryce’s birthday, celebrated Great Grandma Marxie’s 96th birthday, and celebrated the ol’ US of A’s birthday.  The 4th was fun because although we put Jack down before fireworks went off we were able to watch the local South Pas fireworks from our balcony.  Lastly you’ll see jack got his first professional haircut at a super hipster spot in Silver Lake.

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