Sonoma Trip – The Stay


As I mentioned in the previous post, we wound up staying at an Air b-n-b instead of a hotel for this trip.  This proved to be a great deal and not just economically speaking.  The house as you’ll see below was incredible and that’s not even including a photo of the spa. The house worked great for us since Jack had endless options of people to have play with him.  While there my dad made his famous Jiffy pancakes to go along with some delicious bacon and berries which Jack was a big fan of as well.

One of the biggest highlights though came from an amazing surprise gift from my great aunt Doris and her daughter Neffra.  The two of them are incredible quilters and they had secretly made a priceless quilt in honor of Jack’s birth.  What made it incredibly touching, beyond just their labor of love that went into it, was how deeply personal they made every element of the quilt.  As everyone knows, Jack and I are die-hard baseball fans and so they ran with that theme and our love of the Dodgers.  Then on top of that they included photos of Jack from his birth as well as photos of his Great Grandpa (Doris’ brother) Jack Butcher in similar poses and age to Jack.  Lastly they included the quilt patterns for California, Ohio, and Kentucky which all have deep ties to Jack’s family.  It is a gift we can’t get enough of to say the least.

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