Yet another year of great Christmas celebrations are behind us.  We split it up early this year and did a Taylor family Christmas early while Uncle Ben and Aunt Megan were in SB then cruised back for Christmas day in Altadena with the Butcher side.  We also threw in Christmas eve in Thousand Oaks with the Ross cousins and Aunt and Uncle, but unfortunately don’t have any photos from that celebration.  Jack actually enjoyed decorating our tree, including getting our favorite ornament from last year up, but he really preferred pulling down the ornaments to leaving them up so we only had our tree fully decorated for a few days.  Jack got some amazing gifts from everyone and it really has added a new and exciting life to Christmas when watching him take joy in the family and fun of the holiday. We also kept our annual tradition of buying our Christmas tree with the Ungers alive, although the lighting of the event is always a major challenge.

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