He’s 100!

Dara 100 (6 of 26)

It still feels crazy to say, but my grandfather Dara (Jack Willoughby), just turned 100. To put that in another way, he hit 1,200 months where as our little Jack is only 20 months.  We celebrated by having all of the family (daughters, grand-kids, and great-grand-kids) over to his house and enjoyed a nice lunch, cake, and champagne to celebrate.  Baby Jack had a blast but refused to cooperate when we tried to get him to sit with Dara and take a picture together.  However, he did enjoy going around and giving “cheers” to everyone. My grandma, Marxie, just missed joining us as she just passed a couple weeks before at age 96. Unbelievable to think that they had been married for 75 years.  Dara enjoyed his gifts which included heartfelt cards, crab legs, and a dollar for every year he’s been alive.  The rate he’s going I’ll have more birthday posts for him in the future. I should also note, although I don’t have photos, but the day after the party he was treated to a belly-dancer for his birthday courtesy of my cousin Blake.

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