Fike’s Farewell

Butterfly (8 of 24)

Santa Barbara. It really speaks for itself. Every time we drive up I always exclaim, “Even the air is different up here!” Brandon has heard me say this countless times and kind of rolls his eyes at me now, but it is so true! We definitely appreciate our visits there.

And this past March, we were able to host friends at my parents’ house while my parents were in Seattle for the weekend. The Fike family stayed with us for one night. It was great to spend time with them before they moved to Austin.

We spent the afternoon at the beach, where Jack learned to play makeshift T-ball with an empty Blenders cup and stick. Uncle Ned joined the fun, too. And Drew provided games and entertainment; he never lets anyone go too long without being active. And the girls—Addie included—got to hang out and talk.

After a full afternoon, we headed back to my parents’ house for showers, baths, and dinner. I definitely charred our burgers, but they turned out edible. Yay! After dinner, with two baby monitors set up in the dining room, we noted how nice it was to be able to hang out with friends for an extended time after dinner with no where to go.

The next morning we headed out early (don’t you love other parents with young kids?) for breakfast at Daily Grind and a walk to the park. It wasn’t quite our final goodbye, but it felt like a fitting way to say goodbye to great friends. We miss you, Fikes!


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