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We headed down to Charlottesville for the second part of our trip where we visited the Hyres and Peterson families. We had the best time!

The Hyres hosted us for three nights, so Jack got to hang out with Elodie a lot. He fell in love with most of Elodie’s toys–you’re next Elodie! He also kept all of us on our toes with frequent outbursts of Old McGogle (AKA Old MacDonald)—I don’t know what about Virginia brings that song out… well maybe it was all of the beautiful open green spaces we kept seeing.

Kristy and Alex were, of course, amazing hosts. On the first day, they gave us a tour of UVA; we went to an awesome water park, where I might have had more fun than the kids; and we ate out at Brazos Tacos, which has a great outdoor area for kids. Later that night, we toured the downtown part of Charlottesville and leisurely walked around, ending the night with gelato.

On our second day, we went to a school park in the morning, and then headed to a winery for lunch and, of course, some wine. The amount of greenery everywhere and low rolling hills in the background made for a beautiful spot to drink wine, eat sandwiches and watch (or chase) Jack and Elodie. We had a great dinner in that night and walked to get ice cream nearby. Jack stole my cone, after I’d had not much more than a bite, and held it with a death grip. Needless to say, I did not get it back.

One of the best parts of the trip was getting to hang out for an extended period with the Hyres family. It’s been years since we were all able to be together for a few days straight. It was so fun to sit and talk into the later hours of the evening as well, and it reminded me of old times. Thanks again Hyres family! We miss you.

As I mentioned, our stay in Charlottesville involved not only visiting the Hyres family but also the Peterson family. This included my cousin Jonathan, his wife, Liz, and two of their three kids, Erik and Sam.

The first night we arrived in Charlottesville, the Petersons took us to a brewery with a beautiful backdrop: think green rolling hills again, and lots of space to hang out with Jack. We chatted, drank beer, and had a nice late dinner. Later in the week we were able to go over to the Peterson’s house, hang out for a bit, and meet their dogs and one of their cats. Brandon also got to ride around the block in Jonathan’s Ford Mustang. We left their house with some delicious banana bread in hand. Thanks Liz!

On our drive back up to D.C., we were able to stop and tour Jonathan’s warehouse (his company sells packing materials). Jack could have run around in there all day; I had no idea that it was so big. Jonathan gave us an excellent recommendation for a BBQ place nearby and we had lunch there. It was amazing. Hopefully we can go back someday.

On our last night, we stayed at a hotel by the airport in D.C. and walked a mile to dinner (Brandon held Jack the entire way because we had given back our stroller). At the restaurant Jack spilled his large glass of milk all over our table—just keeping it real. It was actually the perfect way to end this trip sans Brandon’s tired arms and the spilled milk. And I’m still missing the beautiful landscape and the people we visited. Until next time…


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