Dear 2 Year Old Jack

We’ve been moving so life’s been a mess but we finally got around to posting this letter to Jack from his Mommy as well as a compilation of video clips we have from his second year. It’s long, but Jack particularly loves it, which is great for those moments when you need him to relax for just a few minutes.

Dear Jack,

You are two! What a year it’s been. We had a routine this past year, and I think we both liked it. But before the school year routine started, you went to some fun places last summer, right after you turned one. You did Mount Hermon for the first time and Sonoma for Bret and Sara’s wedding. We also took you on part of our trip to San Luis Obispo with the Wammacks and Hoppers (Mimi and Grandpa had you one night—and you did well—thank God).

You started walking right around 13 months when the school year started, and once the school year started you went back to seeing JoJo and Mimi once a week while I worked at Fusion on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You even got to see your second cousins, Keegan and Quinn at Aunt Robbie’s when JoJo watched you. You love spending the day with Mimi and JoJo. I’m so lucky they have watched you these first two years of your life. I think it’s helped you have a special bond with both of them. I know you have enjoyed all of the extra ice cream out of this arrangement as well.

This past year, on Mondays, Killian usually came over to play. You guys had the same due date and were born three days apart. After 1 ½ -2 hours Rebecca would come back from supervision and I would go out for 1-2 hours to get some work done. Sometimes I was working on Greenhouse administrative stuff, sometimes studying for my MFT licensing test (Thank goodness that is over!), a handful of times running, and sometimes reading for fun! It also helped you to be left with someone other than Mimi and JoJo. Sometimes it was VERY hard for you to share your toys and hopefully you learned a lot from this experience! You Killian had fun taking turns hitting the baseball, jumping on the bed, eating snacks, playing with cars, and dancing to music together.

On Wednesdays we went to our Pasadena City College class together. It was a class for kids that would be 13-17 months starting on August 31, 2016. You just made th cut! The class was like preschool, but I got to be there with you. We started out with an hour of free time where there was usually some kind of an optional art project. Then there was rug time where everyone sat in a circle and sang songs, then snack time, followed by a talk about a certain parenting subject by the teacher, and then parachute. During the second part of the year, Jane (the teacher) also started reading a story to you all. Some of my favorite days were celebrating the holidays. You got to dress as Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes and come to class, and you also got to hand out Valentines on Valentines Day!

On Fridays we usually walked to Garfield Park in the morning and then walked over to the South Pasadena Library for their story time. It has been so nice to live close to everything in South Pasadena in our current condo. We will miss it when we move.

All of these activities were sprinkled with trips to Descanso Gardnes in La Canada, a few trips to Huntington Gardnes in Pasadena, Kidspace in Pasadena, and swim lessons at the end of the school year at Waterworks Aquatics in Pasadena. And there were of course many trips up to Santa Barbara where we went to the zoo and Fabulous Fridays at the library.

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