Halloween 2017

Halloween 2017 (17 of 18)

Jack’s 3rd Halloween and each one keeps getting better.  We were really nervous about getting Jack in his costume as he’s been quite finicky about some of his clothes but luckily once fully decked out he didn’t worry about it anymore.  As a family we went with a super hero theme with Dad getting away with the least effort. We started off at a street a block from our new place that shuts down for the neighborhood.  It was a great way to start Jack off with going trick or treating.  He preferred being held between houses but warmed up to walking up to people’s doorsteps and whispering Trick or Treat and Thank you when he got candy.  After about the 3rd house we decided to let him sit down and eat a little chocolate and that definitely got him revved up for more trick or treating.  After running into some friends from the neighborhood we decided to had back by our old condo where one street goes really big with their decorating. Jack surprisingly never got scared by all the decorations, noises, or costumes.  He even laughed really hard at some Minion costumes as well as a guy dressed in all red spandex. We managed to get home at a reasonable hour and he wasn’t too hopped up on the sugar to make for a terrible evening.  Possibly the best treat of all was getting to see the Dodgers push the World Series to game 7, let’s hope for more of the same tomorrow.

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