30 Months of Jack!

2 ½ – This was supposed to be published at the end of January or beginning of February 2018

Dear Jack,

Either your dad or I get you from your room when you call out to us in the morning. As soon as you get into our bed, you crawl to my side and press your cheek up against mine. Sometimes you look me directly in the eyes and give me a huge grin; sometimes you keep your eyes closed and breath peacefully. I can smell your baby breath and skin. It’s one of my very favorite times of day with you. You love to give me hugs and kisses.

You can drive me crazy during the day, and at the very same time you are my favorite thing about every day. At the most random moments you declare, “you are my best friend Mommy!” You kiss me on the lips through the holes in the tunnel on the playground. You get so excited about “Croix!” AKA the sparkly water drink La Croix. You constantly ask “member when…” and genuinely want to know if I do remember. Just this morning you dropped your bowl purposely on the ground and it made a loud noise. Your dad and I expressed our displeasure and you replied, “It’s music!”

Most of the time you hate when I get you dressed every morning. I’ve decided I need to recruit your dad to help me. You also like to run freely down the sidewalk, and it isn’t easy chasing you while pregnant. Speaking of the upcoming arrival of your little brother, you like to touch my stomach and talk to your brother. You also point to my chest and announce to everyone that the baby is going to eat from there. You talk about teaching your brother to eat the foods you do, roll over, walk, and crawl. His arrival is definitely going to be an adjustment for you, but I’m glad you are excited right now.

I get as excited about trucks as you do now! I know the specific names of excavators, backhoes flatbeds, and bulldozers. I also get excited when I’m with you and I see a garbage truck (still “bugga” to you) going down the street. We are getting work done on our street and you love to watch and observe all of the trucks coming and going.

Mimi helped me think of all of your Jack-ism quotes, which I also have to add:

“I wunna if…”


“I ha a great idea!!!”

“Das a great idea!!!”

“Les play!”

“I lub you”



“Don’t talk (to another person)!”

“(It’s) Not “PET the goats, you FEED the goats!!!”

“Pri-y awesome!”

“No, don do dat! ”

I’m trying to soak up these last months with just you. You will always be my little baby—now toddler—who made me a mom.

I love you!


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