Jack’s Baptism

Jack Baptism header (1 of 1)

We finally got Jack baptized! It was something I had been looking into doing for a long time, but it took me a while to act on. I thought morning would be an ideal time. Our church usually meets in the afternoon, so when church was scheduled for a morning on a day in early March, I decided this might be the perfect time. Turns out Uncle Ned was already going to be in town for the Tough Mudder (which sadly got cancelled because of the rain that weekend), and my mom was going to be in town that weekend for a get together with her friends. It seemed like perfect timing. My dad was free to make the drive down as well and all of Brandon’s immediate family members were available. We definitely missed Ben and Megan!

Before the baptism took place, Beau walked us through the process. We also happily found out that Rex, a retired pastor that Beau used to work with was available to baptize Jack. It was happening!

It rained hard the days before Jack’s baptism. However, on the day of, although cooler weather, it was a beautiful, clear sunny day. (Side note: The baptism took place outside and Rex was able to use the extra water on the ground from the rain as an illustration in the baptism). Scott Unger, who also helped guided us through the process, was the elder present on stage for the baptism. Beau played and led us in singing some great songs. Then Rex took over for the baptism. Jen Buck gave a great sermon after the baptism as well. I love that a woman was represented as a leader on this day. We are so thankful for our family and friends for making this day possible!

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