Cooper is 5 months

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Dear Cooper,

You are five months old, and you are our chubby-thighed, giggly, smiley, chill, little guy! You have your bottom two teeth! They came in about a month ago and we keep waiting for you to get more because you constantly want something in your mouth! You enjoy rolling onto your stomach and lifting your head to look at and grab things–unless it is nighttime! Then rolling onto your stomach causes you to be fussy and awake.

You now face out in the Ergo carrier and clearly enjoy it. You will squeal in delight when I take you out: The bookstore, Jack’s PCC class, the pool—you love all of the sensory input!  You also like to stand while being held around your tummy and stomping your feet. You like being in your play jungle and looking up at all of the hanging animals. You enjoy putting all of your baby toys in your mouth. You are constantly kicking and rolling over. You still enjoy sitting in the mamaRoo and the Baby Bjorn chairs as long as you can reach for or play with something in them. We just got a baby bouncer for you, and you like that for short periods of time, too. Your legs never stop moving!

Your nights have gone through different stages. When you were really small, you had gas all night. Poor thing! That kept you up, especially as the night went on. Then around 3 ½ – 4 ½  months you started sleeping a little better and the gas seemed to go away…but now it seems like it is back. You are waking much more in the night for comfort. Sometimes you wake up happy; it’s as if you are ready to start your day at 4 AM, much to my dismay. Although I have to admit, those coos you make are kind of adorable, and would be much more so if it wasn’t the middle of the night.

You love Jack, even though he is a rascal to you a lot of the time. His hugs can be just a little too rough. His kisses a little too smothering. You like watching everything he does, though! You giggle so much while you watch him, and it is the cutest thing ever. You like to watch Jack jump up and down and run around the house, and he loves that you like watching him so much.

Right after you turned 4 months, I slowly started inching my way back into my part-time teaching job. Your grandmas are watching you two times a week while Jack is in preschool. We are still transitioning, but I think we are all starting to adjust nicely. On Fridays, Jack is in preschool and I get to spend time with just you! This, I’ve found, is rare for the second child. I’m excited about our special time together.



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