Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin Carving 2018 Header (1 of 1).jpg

Jack, and technically Cooper too, got to experience pumpkin carving for the first time.  Jack’s been eager ever since we bought a carving kit from Big Lots weeks ago when I took him out of pre-school for 2 hours to avoid a nap in hopes of him sleeping at a regular hour, but I digress. We headed up to my parents for the BYOP event and were surprised when there was sushi and cupcakes (eaten separately don’t worry) for a mini double birthday celebration for Sarah and Nick who share a birthday week.  Carving was a ton of fun with Bryce obviously showing off her art skills while the rest of us just tried not to cut a finger off while carving. Jack dictated exactly what he wanted his to look like then set himself to helping scoop out all the goop and seeds with JoJo and Nick, but we all really leaned on Nick as our super scooper.  Cooper had a lot of fun bouncing from person to person and especially enjoyed Papa’s high vantage point on his shoulders and riding his first tricycle.  Cooper and Nick even secretly decided to do some twinning and coordinated their outfits for the day, so cute. When Jack was 3 months old we took photos of him in the pumpkins at my parents front door so we tried to re-create something similar this year with Coop.  Jack’s been loving the fall/Halloween season and has a lot more fun Halloween activities still to come at his PCC school and his pre-school on top of boring old trick or treating.  If the excitement for Halloween is any indicator this Christmas season should be epic for Jack.

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