Halloween 2018


No one was more excited than me when I realized that I would be able to commit the cardinal sin of Halloween costumes: I wore my Wonder Woman costume two years in a row. Proudly.

It all started when Jack told me he wanted to be Spider-Man for Halloween. At that time, I had no idea he really knew anything about Spider-Man—apparently, I was wrong! I also remembered that we had a batman onesie for Cooper (although we ended up buying a new one–a size up–the day of Halloween). Around this time, a coworker of mine mentioned he had an adult-sized Robin costume someone could borrow. Minutes later I secured it for Brandon. Of course, Wonder Woman fit perfectly into our superhero theme (yes, we had a superhero theme last year, but everyone else was someone different except for me). And the rest is history.

Halloween day started out with a parade and sing-a-long at Jack’s preschool. My parents, JoJo, and Brandon got to see the whole thing. While I had to work, I was able to see the parade.

That night, my parents (who have been in town for a month!) got to see us all dressed up and help with some pictures. They also got to watch Jack go to a few houses early on as we walked to Hilary and Baker’s house, our neighbors. We met up with their family and the Gillans for some snacks and pictures before we set off for the evening together. We only ended up on one street, but it turned out to be the perfect amount of time and candy. Jack had a lot of fun going door-to-door with Harper, and he also had an adorable little photo shoot with Liv. After trick-or-treating, we parted ways with the other families to go have dinner at Tomato Pie, something we had done Jack’s first year trick-or-treating. We even made it back home by seven.

One other fun thing to mention is that Jack got to dress up and do a small scale of trick-or-treating at his PCC classes on the Tuesday and Thursday before and after Halloween this year. He also loved wearing his Spider-Man costume around the house all of October. As you can see, Jack had been looking forward to Halloween for a while and so it was such a treat (unintentional dad Halloween pun) to experience the actual day with him.

Now, he’s already asking about Santa Claus… time slow down!


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