Jack Photo Series Pt.2

Jack Shots Header (1 of 1)There are days where Jack will come up to me and say “can i take pictures?” I can’t help but indulge him and let him take helm of the camera and only time will tell if the lens and camera survive with him at the helm.  He’s moved beyond using the screen and now actually uses the view finder.  I’ve tried to include some of his best shots over the last 4 months (some which I think are great) as well as some shots that give you a more real taste of what the bulk of his shots are. I haven’t cropped any so you get an idea of his composition but I did do some basic post edits. Here’s about 30 (of what was probably 300 shots) photos that include – a dodgers game, walking in SB, playing can jam, going on a hike in spain (like mimi and papa) and our trip to Underwood Farms.

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