Hosting Baby Sprinkles in 2018

I meant to add some events that happened in 2018 before the new year, but that didn’t happen. But here we are in 2019, and I’m sharing some photos from two baby girl sprinkles Andi and I threw. The decorations were basically the same for each because the showers didn’t overlap socially. The first was in March of 2018 for our friend Katie. It was the bigger one, and I had hoped to have most of it in our yard, but it happened to rain that day. Our street was also completely crazy because it was getting paved, so I was worried about parking, but it all worked out. Katie’s best friend, Linda, helped Andi and I throw the shower too, and it came together well, I think! I didn’t get to edit these pictures because my computer is maybe the slowest computer on earth and keeps freezing every time I do anything, but I’ll post photos anyways, even if the quality is not great. Also, yes, Katie and I were only about three weeks apart in our due dates but I look like I’m 2-3 months ahead of her! I guess being 5′ 10” helps Katie look less pregnant. Side note: Both our babies ended up being over 9 pounds.

Then in July 2018 Andi and I threw a smaller sprinkle for our friend Emily. It was perfect because we had our planning down. It was too hot to have the shower outside in July so I was glad I got to do a trial run of an all indoor shower in March. If anyone needs Andi and I to host another baby girl sprinkle, we’re more than ready! I mean I think we could even make a few adjustments for a baby boy sprinkle or gender neutral sprinkle–just letting all of the 2 readers of our blog know!

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