9 Months of Cooper

Dear Cooper,

You are nine months old! You’ve been out here in the world now as long as I was pregnant with you. How can that be?


-Enjoyed your first Christmas, I think! You are still at the age where you are happy to be held by most anyone (although sometimes you will cry when I walk away) so Christmas time was fun because you got to hang out and be held by so many family members.

-Love to eat. Like seriously love, love it more with each passing day. If you see someone eating food and are not able to eat it, you burst into tears. You probably eat more than Jack does at this point. And you, luckily, still take a bottle and love to nurse.

-Got one more bottom tooth, bringing your total to seven. Your teeth seem to come in pairs so we keep waiting for the eighth one.

-Still seem to have a cold. We took you to the doctor a week ago and they said not to worry, but this cold is lingering and it’s making me take a break from my plans to sleep train…again! But I’m thinking we will start soon because you are waking up about 3x a night now.

-Continue to nap like a champ for the most part. I’m not complaining.

-Move around so, so fast and want to do so constantly! You like to be down on the ground, ON THE MOVE. You like to put everything in your mouth. You love to pull up on to everything.

-You and Jack want to play with all the same toys! I mean, I knew sibling rivalry would start at some point, but I didn’t realize the desire to have the same toys would start so early! You still adore Jack even though he consistently takes toys away from you and pinches your cheeks. You love when he gets in your face and makes silly sounds; he cracks you up so much.

-Are adorable and love to smile and laugh.



-Felt like we had a great Christmas that involved a staycation in December. We made it to Santa Barbara before Christmas to celebrate with the Taylor clan and I saw some friends. Then we did Christmas Eve at the Rosses, Christmas morning at our house, another Christmas morning/mid-dayish at the Butchers, and later a dinner at the Butchers.

Enjoyed Christmas break overall, and we all had a week of downtime where we hung out with friends and took it easy. At first, I worried a bit that we should be doing more with our days off, but ultimately I really liked our time. I felt ready for Christmas to be over when we took down all the decorations, which never happens, so I think the staycation was good! We also had fun celebrating the New Year. We had the Hoppers and Wammacks over for dinner on New Year’s Eve, and except for a brief incident where the fan on our stove caught fire (we put out), everything went off without a hitch! The next day we met neighbors and saw the tail end of the Rose Parade.

-Am trying to revamp my closet a bit and get rid of some stuff there and around the house. It’s a slow process, though!

-Have been swimming a little tiny bit since January. It’s not a lot, but it is more than December! I’m hoping to implement early morning walks with Cooper as well once I sleep train him again

-Have private practice in the back of my mind, but talk myself out of it constantly. I still really enjoy my current position.

-Have had fun getting together with friends recently, including a long overdue cousin date with Courtney. Courtney’s first is due in June, and I was able to give her a bunch of baby stuff and talk about pregnancy/newborn stuff. We went to lunch and got our nails done. Thank you Butcheq for holding down the fort!

-Am shocked at how many kid birthday parties we have in the coming month, one every weekend.

-Am totally excited to ride my new bike and take family bike rides!

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Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

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