Dear Jack,

You are 3 ½, and you’ve gone through some big changes since turning three. At the time of your birthday, you had been going to preschool, half day, for almost two months. But in September you started preschool 3 days a week, for full days. I spent a lot of time worrying about this transition and wondering if I was doing the right thing, signing you up for three full days. Of course, I should not have worried so much because you transitioned well, and your summer preschool camp really helped your transition, I think! You probably have more fun at school than you do at home a lot of the time. Your teacher Mrs. Jean is wonderful.

The only downside is that you nap at preschool. NAP! Seriously? You stopped napping for me last February. The only way I could get you to sleep during the day was drive you in the car. Then preschool comes and…boom… you nap 1 ½ hours almost every time. You don’t always fall asleep right away (according to teacher notes), but you still end up napping! Even if you nap just 40 minutes, your bedtime changes from about 7:15 PM to 9:40 PM because you don’t get tired until that much later.

You love, love to count anything and everything and are able to count above 20 now. You also love to name all of the letters in the alphabet. You can spell out your name now, too.  I’m sure our nightly reading sessions have helped you with some of this, but I also think going to preschool has helped so much, and you know what? TV shows these days can be pretty educational. Not all screen time is bad, in my opinion.

I still lie next to you until you fall asleep (I can’t remember when this even started), so the late bedtime makes the nights feel long. Because preschool is every other day, and you won’t nap for me, it means that you feel exhausted, especially in the afternoons, the days you are home with me from staying up so late the night before. And you wake up at around the same time each morning, no matter the time you go to bed. The cycle of it can feel exhausting for both of us, but I definitely believe the benefits of preschool far outweigh the nap aspect. But I’ll admit, this nap business has been challenging!

We also started a new semester of PCC classes. We are taking two classes: one for 2-4 year olds with Angela, and one for 3 year olds with Gia. Both of these teachers were new to me at the beginning of the year, and I like both of them. Gia told me that she has noticed that you are very self-motivated and don’t let distractions get to you like some kids. She said this is the quality of a good student. And if you don’t happen to be a good student, that is OK, but I thought what she said was interesting.  Gia talked about how you can’t teach self-motivation—something she thinks you have. She said she thinks you will be ready for kindergarten as a young 5. I’m still not sure, but it is nice to get affirmation that it will be OK if that is the case. I remember when you were 2, and in Judy’s PCC class, and she was so impressed with your ability to construct a long sentence. I didn’t even know to feel proud until she told me! Anyway, I’ve really appreciated your PCC teachers and the chance I get to be in class with you.

You still love to play with all of your friends, even if it takes a while for you to warm up, and it usually does, which is OK! You talk about Addie, Rhett, Ezra, Royal, Avery, Riley, Whit, Harper, and Liv, to name a few. And now you have a preschool class full of friends such as Kei and Harrison. You’ve mentioned all the kids in your class at some point and even kids in other classes.

The biggest difference this year from previous years taking PCC is that friends matter to you more this year. Luckily, both of our classes are with your bud Riley! You’ve taken great leaps in this area because you no longer have to stay by my side and like playing with other kids. It’s been an interesting year because each class has its own social dynamic, and in one of the classes you like to do your own thing at certain times, but at other times love playing with one or more kids. I appreciate that you are able to withdraw from a situation when you feel overwhelmed, even if you don’t realize that is why you are doing it. I’ve noticed that you tend to be reserved in situations with a lot of people and action, just like me. Sometimes you have a hard time even greeting good friends when they yell excitedly at you. I’m trying to teach you the difference between being rude versus letting someone know you need time on your own before you start to play. Three is an interesting age for emotions because actions take precedent over processing feelings—and there are a lot of feelings you don’t understand yet!

And yes, there are so many feelings, and a lot of them are directed at Cooper. You’ve had to adjust to a lot this year, especially as Cooper has grown more mobile and can physically get into your toys. There is a lot of stuff to share. You test all the boundaries with Cooper (pinching him on the cheek, grabbing a toy from him), and do not always stop when we tell you to. You also ask about Cooper all the time, and always include him when you talk about our family. The other day you thought I had left Cooper in the car (he was safely in the house), and you said “What about Cooper! He’s still in the car.” I realize you care a lot about him!

Some nights you will wake up and come sleep on a mattress in our room. At first, we would come lie down next to you in your room, but now it can be easier to have you sleep in ours. We may start to work on phasing this out.

You love riding your scooter at the park. It is one of your very favorite things to do. I believe you were doing this six months ago, but it still remains a favorite activity. You are showing more interest in your balance bike these days, so we are hoping to get you on it more. And of course, you love riding in your seat on the back of Butcheq’s bike. Now, Cooper and I are able to join as well because I have a seat for Cooper on my bike.

There is so much to say, but I will end with the relationship you have with your grandparents. It is so very sweet. You love them all so much and talk about them unprompted all the time. I am so glad for this. The love you show them and they you is one of the best gifts.

And now Jack(isms):

-Adding an o to our names, “Dad-o” and “Mom-o”

-“Girl” becomes “Grill” so he might say, “There are four grills in my class.”

-“Bible Adventures” is a class Jack takes at school and it becomes “Bible Benchers”

-“Paw Patrol” becomes “Paw-ah-Troll”

“Living Room” becomes “Libbing Room”

Basically all v sounds make a b sound

Update as of 1/30/19 – I spilled a little of a spice I was cooking with in the kitchen the other day. Jack was helping me cook. He loves to do this. Butcheq was really the pioneer in cooking with Jack and being patient about all things with him. Anyway, after the spill Jack looked at me and said, “It’s OK, Mom. Accidents happen.” I about died right there on the spot. This kid!





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