Trike A Thon 2019 (13 of 22)

Jack’s preschool held a fundraising event called the Trike-A-Thon.  The kids had practiced in the week leading up to it while also making posters and hats to go along with their event.  Jack even said he needed to get good sleep for the event and sadly for Sarah and me that just meant his usual sleep antics and routine.

One cute aspect was that before each class took their turn riding they would go out to the bike yard and cheer on another class along with all the parents and our phones/cameras. The classroom that went before Jack’s was a wild bunch of older kids that had elements of Mad Max in their attire and various bikes/scooters. What was funny that after that raucous group, out came Class 7, Jack’s class, and they were orderly and slow.  Luckily Jack got some courage after the first lap and broke the pack and started riding fast and ultimately probably did the most laps, but who’s counting, obviously not this competitive dad.

After the event the kids got to indulge in a well deserved popsicle. I’m not sure why but I caught Jack in one shot looking upset after opening his, must have been the color i’m guessing.  All in all it was a fun little 30 minute activity to be a part of and it’s always humorous seeing school mode Jack who’s way more timid and reserved.

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