11 Months of Cooper!

Cooper you are 11 months old!



-Started to stand from a seated position without holding onto anything, just for a second or two, literally the day you turned 11 months

-Have eight teeth, but we can see 9 and 10 coming in (the canines)

-Got your first haircut at the Shaggy Monkey in South Pasadena

-Stopped taking your bottle and use a sippy cup now. Bottle, you were nice while you lasted!

-Don’t cry for an extended period of time in the middle of night often, but will when something is bothering you

-Want every single toy your brother has

-Keep getting faster at crawling and never want to sit still

-Are obsessed with eating bread, but throw some other types of food to the ground when you don’t want them

-Show more signs of separation anxiety when I leave for work

-Are looking more and more like me!

-Still sleep pretty well. You wake up very occasionally in the night and need me, and sometimes you cry before going to bed, but not often

-Still love that morning AND afternoon nap



-Am pretty obsessed with the time change and light in the evening

-Am swimming in the evenings somewhat often. It’s happening!

-Am still reading Brothers K. I love it, but it sure seems to be taking me a long time to read

-Am feeling so thankful for family and all the ways they love me

-Am thankful for overall positive news about a family members’ health—the unknown in health situations is a scary thing

-Am thankful that God is bigger than all the things I do not understand about this world. It all just seems so depressing sometimes.

-Am trying to be thankful for uncertainty and the ways I can grow from it, not always fun

-Am trying to improve my communication with loved ones. It’s harder than I think at times.

-Am thankful for nights out with friends

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetIMG_1210

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