Cooper is ONE!

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*Post was written a month ago when Cooper actually turned one.

Dear Cooper,

You are ONE! This is simultaneously easy to believe and also shocking. Where did this year go? It seems like yesterday I was holding a sweet newborn in my arms.

In this past month, you’ve started babbling more and more. You think you’re talking and you will say “mama” and “dada” but it’s hard to tell if you are attaching meaning to these words. One day, I swear you are, and the next it seems like you aren’t. JoJo and Butcheq think you might have said, “doggy” and someone else thought they heard you say, “Jack” meaningfully, but I’m still not sure if you have said your first meaningful word, and that’s OK with me.

You cruise all over. You stand without holding on to anything at times. Every day it seems like you are getting closer to walking, but it still could be a month or two, I think. You crawl so fast it is hard to catch you. You don’t like to sit still, ever. Even when you are eating you try to climb out of your high chair. Your one-year photo was the hardest to take, yet. This makes sense because you hate sitting still. We took it at a tricky time of day, too. It was getting close to dinnertime and Butcheq and I were both a little warn out from our respective days, so we may not have given it our 100 percent, but we got something! I’m impressed we made it this far with the photos and were able to capture anything! You also have such a strong grip; it is hard to get objects from you. I can’t believe how strong you are.

You are a little bit pickier now with food. But this only means that one day you might throw something down, and the next day you eat it. Also, maybe more teeth will help you eat more? Your 4 incisors have all basically poked through, right around your first birthday. For weeks I’ve thought that they were coming and they are just now showing up. You still breastfeed at about 4x a day (wake up, before both naps, and when you go to sleep) but don’t initiate it on your own. You are able to go down for a nap or sleep without breast feeding, which is nice. You also usually don’t fall asleep breast feeding which makes it easier to put you down other times.

You enjoy the park so much now. You like climbing on the structures and going down the slides. You like to swing and crawl in the sand. You like to eat the sand. You don’t seem to learn how bad it tastes because you do it every time!

Butcheq is your favorite person right now. I only birthed you, breastfeed you, and pumped for almost a year for you! But seriously, I don’t mind at all. Whenever Dad is in the room, you reach out to him, crawl to him, or point to him.

Sometimes you still wake up in the middle of the night, but overall your sleep is pretty good, and you still nap so well.

You and Jack can sort of play together now. Ha! This might be a leap, but you guys seem to enjoy each other. Don’t get me wrong, Jack verges between fun play partner and a I-will-protect-all-my-toys big brother as well as roughhouse those that get in the way, but your enjoyment of each other shows through too! You two laugh together a lot. Jack makes sure you sit literally right next to him at meals, and sometimes this turns into a stressful thing, but he really wants to interact with you, and you with him. You take baths together now and you are starting to be buds, kind of, I hope! I mean, it’s like one step forward, two steps back, but hey, I will take it!

You are the perfect addition to our little family. We seriously all adore you. Your cheeks, laugh, chub, love of food, movement, and hugs.

Happy Birthday, Cooper! We are all so happy you are here!



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