image3 *Post written in July 2019

Dear Jack,

You are four years old! This is truly bittersweet for me. My little baby boy is 4 years old. You have done so much this year. You have only a few weeks left in Mrs. Jean’s class (Room 7 Forever!). I feel like it was yesterday that I was going to back to school night. I started a new job in June so you started school 5 days a week. You talk about all the kids in your class, and you even talk about your new teacher and room, which will start in September.


-are basically riding a bike with no training wheels, and you got a bike for your birthday.

-finished PCC classes for good.

-will start sleeping in a bunk bed soon—the hope is that Cooper will join you in a year or so

-love “small” Legos. Ever since you got some as a party favor, you love expanding your collection

-love swimming but still need to get a few more lessons in

-like to hit pitches from Dad or Mom

-have fun laughing with Cooper, although the window of laughing to crying is small

-take time to warm up in big groups of people

-still love playing with Addie, Ezra, Riley, Harper, Liv, Whit, Kei, and Harrison

-don’t need diapers at night

-love transformers

-come in our room most nights and sleep on a mattress on the floor

-love helping dad with the garden

-got to go to Disneyland and California Adventure…again!


The lows are low, but the highs are high with a 4-year-old. And each day you surprise me with your perspective and ideas. It’s definitely a wild ride.


We love you, Jack!

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