Dear Cooper,

You are TWO. I just reread my ONE-year post for you, and so, so much has happened since then. You started walking at 13.5 months. You have gained so many words. You string them together in small sentences now. You understand almost everything we say to you. You went from two naps to one, but that was back in July or August. You have strong opinions about food, toys, and your favorite people—still your Dad! You love Paw Patrol and trying to keep up with Jack. You have loved going to the park, although in the last month we have not been able to go because of the quarantine for COVID-19 since mid-March. However, most of this past year you were able to get out and go PLAY at parks and public places. “I want to PLAY!” you will tell me almost every day.

Recently, you started to enjoy when we read to you. You have always liked dance parties and music. You can get grumpy and clingy when something is not right, and you know exactly how to tell dad or I that this is the case! You will insist on being held, and we must stand, not sit, sometimes or you will yell at us. But you will also snuggle and ask for hugs and kisses at bedtime. You still sleep well most of the time. I am so thankful!

You and Jack play together but fight probably 70 percent of the time! But when things are good, you two will laugh so hard together. You like to play hide-n-seek with Jack and me, build forts, and get chased by your dad. You love “treats” and are a VERY messy eater. You like to color with markers and throw all of their caps on the ground, making me crazy! You color all over yourself too! You get dirty even when it seems impossible to make a mess. You are covered in the dirt or food most of the time, and we love you for it!




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