And he’s 2 now.

2nd Birthday Header (1 of 1)

Our boy is another year older and boy is that is fast.  We had a great party with friends and family at Garfield Park, where everyone enjoyed coffee, donuts, and bagels while celebrating Jack’s 2nd birthday.  More to come on Jack turning 2, including a recap of the year in videos, his actual birthday, and a letter from his mommy.


A Green Alexandria

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As Sarah mentioned we had a killer time hanging out with the Greens while we were back east. Jack absolutely loved playing with Judd and Lucy and he still gets excited when he sees these photos of them all together.  Sarah and I had such a good time with Coop and Meghann that we have crazily even considered going out to Kazakhstan to see them somehow.  Until then we’ll look back fondly at our time together.


It’s Mother’s Day (well was)

Mothers Day 2017 (2 of 16)We celebrated Father’s day yesterday and all I could think was that I never got up photos from Mother’s day.  My sister hosted yet another amazing breakfast for both Sarah, my Mom, and my sister’s Mother in-law.  Sadly Sarah’s mom could not join the mom-fest with us.  It was a great day hanging out in the backyard and introducing Jack to a little pool.  Nick taught him how to water with the hose and he was obsessed.

Jack Likes Egg Hunts

Easter 2017 (2 of 20)

We celebrated Easter a week early at my parents house with an Easter egg hunt for Jack.  I was nervous that despite all the wonderful effort my mom put into it, that Jack would ultimately not care or lose interest early.  Instead he totally embraced it, other than one brief spell where he wanted to toss all the eggs out of his basket.  My mom went over the top with an amazing rice krispy treat rabbit that didn’t just look good, but tasted good too.  We’ve been reaping the benefits of Jack’s haul plus some other amazing chocolates thanks to some baskets that we were given as well.

Rhett Turns 1

Rhetts 1st (14 of 17)

Jack has some great little buddies, but we anticipate one of these is going to be a lifelong bestie, and that’s Rhett.  Little Rhett has had an inspiring first year of his life and he invited lots of his friends to help celebrate at the park.  Along with those two there’s also not-so-little Remmington who we think will be part of the three amigos as they grow up, since they’re each a respective 8 months apart.  It’s also helpful that Rhett, Jack, and Remmington’s Mommys all really like gossip, wine, talking boys, and blogs. Jack shockingly was hesitant with his cupcake but after poking it a round a little he remembered just how much he loves those things.

He’s 100!

Dara 100 (6 of 26)

It still feels crazy to say, but my grandfather Dara (Jack Willoughby), just turned 100. To put that in another way, he hit 1,200 months where as our little Jack is only 20 months.  We celebrated by having all of the family (daughters, grand-kids, and great-grand-kids) over to his house and enjoyed a nice lunch, cake, and champagne to celebrate.  Baby Jack had a blast but refused to cooperate when we tried to get him to sit with Dara and take a picture together.  However, he did enjoy going around and giving “cheers” to everyone. My grandma, Marxie, just missed joining us as she just passed a couple weeks before at age 96. Unbelievable to think that they had been married for 75 years.  Dara enjoyed his gifts which included heartfelt cards, crab legs, and a dollar for every year he’s been alive.  The rate he’s going I’ll have more birthday posts for him in the future. I should also note, although I don’t have photos, but the day after the party he was treated to a belly-dancer for his birthday courtesy of my cousin Blake.