Christmas is Over and my Camera Broke

Christmas 2017 (7 of 18)

Sadly Christmas has come and gone and with it my camera was broken while we were out at the Enchanted Forest at Descanso Garden.  I certainly miss it as it does make me want to take more photos as opposed to just snapping random moments which I do with the iPhone.  Before it broke we did get to introduce Jack to an Advent Calendar which he loved and which we used frequently to help prevent meltdowns.  He also was very sad when we tried to teach him about the advent candles which he really wanted to just be Happy Birthday candles which he’d get to blow out.  The Enchanted Forest was super cool and Jack had way more fun then we expected, which may have been helped by giving him some of Sarah’s hot chocolate. The rest of the holidays were pretty stellar and included lots of time with family and close friends.  You’ll have to use you imagination for what those photos may have looked like.  Hopefully we’ll be able to get a new camera soon and get photos back up on the site.  Also I thought I overheard Sarah might make a brief blog appearance to appease her fan base soon, but we will have to wait to see.

Thanksgiving 2017

Thanksgiving 2017 header (1 of 1)Had a wonderful 80 degree thanksgiving this year.  We spent it up at my Aunt’s house which had a picture perfect setting.  I brought the camera up but didn’t take nearly enough photos in the beautiful foliage around her yard.  That morning Sarah laid out all the ingredients and we let jack mix together everything to make this year’s pecan pies, which turned out delicious and the little guy loved getting to make them.  Jack had a blast playing with all of “Robbie’s” toys and playing with his two cousins, Keegan and Quinn.  In a year from now these three are going to be a hilarious scene and Keegan will be the mastermind for sure.  I randomly enough took some Christmas photos for some friends at a park where I had a photo used for the LAist some 7+ years ago and I decided to snap an updated photo of it as it was just as idyllic, so that’s the random shot in here.

Mt Hermon 2017

Mt Hermon 2017 (1 of 32)

Had another great year of family camp at Mt Hermon with the Taylor/Moe clan.  We didn’t take as many pictures as last year but we definitely had an equally as great a time.  I managed to get out for killer runs amongst the redwood trees pretty much every day. Sarah and I also did the zip line tour which turned out to be exhilarating and much more scary than I would have guessed.  Also not featured is the boat ride that Uncle Ned, Sarah, Jack and I went on which Jack surprisingly really enjoyed. We did the usual staple activities including train day into Santa Cruz and the pancake breakfast which seemingly only become more fun as Jack ages.  The trip ended with an extended tour up to Mountain View to see Uncle Ben and Aunt Megan’s new pad as well as a train trip into the city to see Ben’s office at Dropbox which was straight out of Silicon Valley the show.  Looking forward to next years shenanigans back up at camp.

Belated Birthday Shots

Jack 2nd Birthday (8 of 16)

I know I already posted some shots from Jack’s birthday party, but there was also his actual birthday which was plenty of fun and I didn’t want to leave these photos out. Mommy started the day off with some chocolate chip pancakes which got him roaring into the day.  He also got a very special package with a train spelling his name from Aunt Judy and Uncle David in Virginia that made him very happy. That night Jack had JoJo, Papa, Aunt Brycie, Uncle Nick, and Uncle Scott all over for tacos and birthday cake.  Jack got spoiled by the fam with some more presents and a very special red balance bike.  We all enjoyed Mommy’s chocolate cake that she made and Jack especially loved shoveling it in his mouth with his new bulldozer toy.

Halloween 2017

Halloween 2017 (17 of 18)

Jack’s 3rd Halloween and each one keeps getting better.  We were really nervous about getting Jack in his costume as he’s been quite finicky about some of his clothes but luckily once fully decked out he didn’t worry about it anymore.  As a family we went with a super hero theme with Dad getting away with the least effort. We started off at a street a block from our new place that shuts down for the neighborhood.  It was a great way to start Jack off with going trick or treating.  He preferred being held between houses but warmed up to walking up to people’s doorsteps and whispering Trick or Treat and Thank you when he got candy.  After about the 3rd house we decided to let him sit down and eat a little chocolate and that definitely got him revved up for more trick or treating.  After running into some friends from the neighborhood we decided to had back by our old condo where one street goes really big with their decorating. Jack surprisingly never got scared by all the decorations, noises, or costumes.  He even laughed really hard at some Minion costumes as well as a guy dressed in all red spandex. We managed to get home at a reasonable hour and he wasn’t too hopped up on the sugar to make for a terrible evening.  Possibly the best treat of all was getting to see the Dodgers push the World Series to game 7, let’s hope for more of the same tomorrow.


Condo compilation (1 of 1)

A lot has been going on of late and one of the biggest things was us moving on from our quaint studio into a bigger spot.  We’re lucky to be staying in South Pasadena for now and Jack has been loving his own room and the ability to slam doors now.  We had to stage the place for listing our old condo which was weird but we enjoyed getting to have some photos of the place put together to keep for memories. I’ve thrown a couple other photos that I had from the last couple months in the condo too.  One of the first things we did when getting a house was to find a piano and the photos below capture exactly why I wanted one with Jack.  It’s fun looking back at Jack and Sarah making biscuits especially how by the end Jack was pushing mommy away because he wanted to do it on his own.


Addie’s 5th Birthday

Addies 5th Header (1 of 1)

Jack has his favorites and there’s no questioning one of those is his dear little Addie.  We got to celebrate her 5th birthday at Two Strike Park where I hadn’t been since I was a little kid playing baseball. Jack loved being around Addie but was a little overwhelmed by all the kids and people at the park and got a little shy at times.  He was very excited  to get a donut though that’s for sure.