Jack’s First Dodgers Game


Sure seems fitting that I’m posting a blog about Jack’s first Dodgers game right as they’re knocked out of the NLCS.  For most they couldn’t care less but for Jack and me it hurt.  We’re here home along while mom’s out playing.  Jack went to bed crying and I might as well have done the same. Anyways back to this awesome day.  Sarah and I waited for a good day game that wasn’t too hot to take Jack out to Chavez Ravine.  Pre-Jack Sarah and I used to pop in for games much more often but given their start time it has been hard to get Jack out for his first one.  Jack didn’t yell “ball” nearly as much as I would have thought but he seemed to enjoy the atmosphere and of course his first Dodger Dog. This was also an important trip for me as it was the last time we’d be at a game called by the legend Vin Scully. Looking forward to many more games with the family, win or lose.

Mt Hermon Series: Train Day

mt-hermon-header-1-of-1Sarah’s too busy catching up on Narcos so I’m stuck with another post.  One day during the week all the usual activities are cancelled and everyone goes into Santa Cruz either by bike, hiking, or best of all via the train.  The train takes you through the redwood forest and it’s a lot of fun as you’re in open air cars so you’re able to take in all the beauty.  Jack and I were the only ones that chose the train for the ride in while the rest of the family hiked it into Santa Cruz but then bummed it back on the train.  Once in Santa Cruz your left to your hearts desires but we’ll cover what we did there in one of the next posts.

July/August Roundup

July-August Roundup (1 of 1)A little more than one month of Jack’s life has come and gone and we’ve had a great time celebrating his life and introducing him to his many friends and family.  Thus far our daily Polaroid (actually Fujifilm Instax Mini) has been really easy as he’s had lots of visitors but I can see how this might get a little challenging down the line.  We’ve collected an obscene amount of photos and videos, especially considering Jack’s only been around for less than two months, but we’ve managed to whittle most of the photos down and we’ve included them below, and there’s even a few of mom and dad having fun with friends and family!