Jack’s First Dodgers Game


Sure seems fitting that I’m posting a blog about Jack’s first Dodgers game right as they’re knocked out of the NLCS.  For most they couldn’t care less but for Jack and me it hurt.  We’re here home along while mom’s out playing.  Jack went to bed crying and I might as well have done the same. Anyways back to this awesome day.  Sarah and I waited for a good day game that wasn’t too hot to take Jack out to Chavez Ravine.  Pre-Jack Sarah and I used to pop in for games much more often but given their start time it has been hard to get Jack out for his first one.  Jack didn’t yell “ball” nearly as much as I would have thought but he seemed to enjoy the atmosphere and of course his first Dodger Dog. This was also an important trip for me as it was the last time we’d be at a game called by the legend Vin Scully. Looking forward to many more games with the family, win or lose.

Mt Hermon Series: Ropes Course


Sarah is literally sitting right next to me and still won’t write one of these posts. She’s obsessed with twitter and Kenneth Bone. One of my favorite activities at camp was the ropes course. I found it to be legitimately scary but also super fun.  There was a sweet free fall jump that was probably my favorite part.  Big thanks to Caroline for snapping some amazing shots of all of us.

Mt Hermon Series: Spike Ball


We spent a week with the Taylor/Moe clan up at a family camp called Mt Hermon. We have  loads of photos and stories so we thought we’d try and break it up into a few separate posts.  To keep it simple I’ll start with some shots of Jack’s parents and his Taylor Uncles and Aunt playing Spike Ball on the main field amongst redwood trees.  The game is super fun and probably better suited to be memorialized in a video vs photos, but nonetheless there are still some good shots. Hopefully SJayTayBay will come out of retirement and write more interesting intros to the next part in the series.